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Colonel Viper’s Whipstick Band in!

Righto! Firstly thanks to everyone for getting as excited about Spring Ditch as we are! The response has been incredible! We’ve had a change of lineup. Unfortunately Murray Wiggle’s Soul Movers are out due an OG Wiggles stadium gig getting the go ahead again in Perth with WA borders reopening. This time it’s the restrictions LIFTING that got us!!! The Wiggles are tough eggs and are not to be trifled with, so we wish them well!
Luckily we’ve been able to lock in the amazing Colonel Viper’s Whipstick Band! Possibly the most danceable band in the cosmos, The Vipers are like a 1950s jug band from a future reality. A little bit old, a little bit new. Like Spring Ditch! And the Colonel himself… Well, think of a frankensteined Freddie Mercury & Sir Winston Churchill. We dare you to not dance…
OK. See you there!